What is Digital Transformation? Why Try It?

In order to represent digital transformation, a woman holds a tablet and uses a smart pencil.

Digital transformation is a hot topic in this business world, and for good reason. 

According to Wikipedia, its definition is the “adoption of digital technology by an organization to digitize non-digital products, services or operations.”

The process can help bring businesses into the future, whether they’re in restaurants, retail, or other spaces. 

And here at PaperlessNOW, digital transformation is what we do. Our founder, Gary Yip, describes the concept as…

“Digital transformation means so many different things to different people. But ultimately, for us, it’s really introducing current technology — or even new technology — to current workflows. 

I think some of the things we see with a lot of our clients is that they run such a successful business, and they’ve done it for so long…sometimes inertia is a powerful force, right? And they don’t want to change, because things are working.

And I think that’s where our job comes in. We have to go convince these folks, and bring new technologies to the workplace, and make them even more efficient.”

Examples of digital transformation offerings

For example, here are some of our relevant offerings that help businesses every day in their efforts to embrace digital transformation for their workplaces:

  • ONBOARDING — You can utilize e-signatures to create digital employee files for 24/7 access. You can also digitize the entire onboarding process. Yup, you read that right! Plus, integrate with payroll and POS to streamline even more processes. 
  • TRAINING — Once onboarding is complete, have your new hires dive straight into training with PaperlessNOW University. Simplify the launching of classes and the tracking of progress. 
  • MANAGEMENT — You can conduct employee reviews in mere moments. Try our award-winning “1-Minute Review” process! See for yourself with our intuitive, people-friendly system. 
  • FEEDBACK — Take the chance to survey your team and understand how they truly feel at work. Receive actionable feedback and measure the mood of your team. The best part? It’s completely web-based. Use it on your favourite mobile device, desktop setup, or tablet.
  • COMPLIANCE — Perhaps our most signature offering, we help you stay compliant in today’s digital age. Maintain accurate checklists, logs, notes, and signatures that your workplace needs to run smoothly. 
  • TEAM ACCOUNTABILITY: One of our retail clients raves about how she loves “the transparency of the checklist. Now we can see exactly who did the checklist, when it was done, how long it took to complete, and the detail in which it was done.” Keep your team on the right track with PaperlessNOW!
  • OPERATIONAL CONSISTENCY: Ensure that your workplace’s standards are being followed across the board. Have your team members follow your protocols with ease. One client in the food services industry says: “We had four restaurants, all independently owned, with four management teams. Everyone in theory operates under the same standards. But I didn’t have absolute certainty.”


To review, digital transformation involves digitizing traditionally non-digital offerings and operations. It helps eliminate paperwork and bring everything to the web. 

Stay tuned for future posts where we’ll break down just how this benefits the retail and restaurant industries, and how security is boosted, as well. Plus, follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on new blog posts. 

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